‘Toss & Catch’ With Flashing Ball Set

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SKU: TYOD8069-UV01

Toss and Catch game just got better and more interesting with this particular set of toy that let you play the game even in the dark! The toy comes with a self-stick suction ball that will glow and flash alongside with two self-stick mitt that you can use to catch the ball with. Two players simply stand a distance apart, toss the self-stick suction ball, and try to catch it on their self-stick mitt.

  • Strong suction and easy to clean
  • Suction ball is soft so it’s less likely to break anything like furniture or hurting people
  • Recommended to play in the beach, playground, park and large space places
  • Suitable for age 3 and above

What’s in the box:  

2 x Hand Shape Catchers, 1 x Flashing Light Suction Ball