Toss And Fling Sports Ring Throw Game Set

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Is your kid an athlete kid or do you want him to be athletic in the near future? If so, then this Sport Ring Frisbees is a good idea to get for your little one! The frisbees when played often will help develop hand-eye coordination, balancing and can help improve reflexes too. Get these frisbees and train your kid while having fun with him/her simultaneously. Perfect for outdoor game activity!



  • Simple design but bring a lots of fun
  • Great games for all ages from kids to adults
  • Skill building and great fun outdoor game
  • Ring toss is a fun and simple activity game enjoyed by people of all ages
  • Random colour will be sent unless specified in order note and subject to stock availability

How to play:

To play, choose a line from which the players will throw. The first player then continuously tosses all the 5 rings at the pegs. After collect the rings, the second player toss 5 rings as well. All the players take turns to throw 5 rings.

Each peg is worth a different amount of points. At the end of the game, the points are counted up and the player with the most points wins.

2 x Base , 5 x Pegs, 5 x Rings