Set of 5 pcs Anti Theft RFID Blocking Sleeve Card Holders

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Presenting the new anti theft RFID blocking sleeves card holders’ that can be use to protect your credit card, debit card, identity card from malicious hackers who can wave away your money and personal information.  Protect your money now at a low cost but at a highly efficient manner and have the peace of mind wherever you go.

  • Protect yourself from payment fraud
  • Light weight and slim enough that you can put your shielded card back in your wallet where you normally keep it
  • A perfect present for your friends,families, lovers etc
  • Have absolute peace of mind with this shielding sleeve
  • Material: aluminium foil


What is RFID Technology and Why do I Need Protection?

ALL Credit, Debit, ID Cards and new Driving license are now issued with an RFID chip embedded with your financial and personal info that thieves can steal in seconds with a cheap scanner. It’s called DIGITAL PICK POCKETING!


Don’t be Another Helpless Victim, INSTANTLY FEEL SAFE AND SECURE When You Insert Your Cards into These card holders 

What’s in the box:

5 x RFID Blocking Sleeve Card Holders