Educational Match-It Jigsaws: The Fruit Series (60 pcs)

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Let your child learn the names of the variety of fruits out there while improving his/her vocabulary bank with this fun and mind engaging puzzles. This educational puzzles features a series of jigsaws pairs that are self-correcting and specific, therefore a specific jigsaw can only have a detailed fit with another jigsaw with a detailed design meant for that specific jigsaw. This fun puzzle helps children develop confidence and achieve success with fun, two piece puzzles that challenge them in different ways.

  • Colourful pictures associate to each word to help reinforce the association between vocabulary and object
  • It can develop fine motor skills, cognition and visual senses
  • Something kids can benefit from while having fun
  • For ages 3+

What’s in the box:

1 x Match-it Puzzle (60pcs)