2 in 1 Water Crystal & Foam Dart Shooting Gun Toy, 11-13MM water bullet

RM 18.00 RM 25.60


These guns are a great toy to play with your friends or family during a bonding session. Play the ultimate game of shooting with your close ones with these toy guns and ammos. Ammos provided for this toy gun is the impressive gell pellet ammo that will shatter into a million tiny pieces on impact and the typical foam dart ammo.

  • The gun is completely harmless and the ammo will not cause injury to anyone/anything thus parents don’t need to worry.
  • Just insert foam dart and shoot
  • Easy grip and no batteries required
  • Both the water bullets and foam darts are soft
  • Safe & non-toxic
  • 11-13MM Water Crystal Bullet
  • Suitable for age 6 and up

What’s in the box:  

1 x Shooting Gun Toy, 3 x Foam Dart, 2 x Water Bullet Pack