2 in 1 Plushy Educational Talking Ball – ABCs & 1-10

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Stage 1 (6-18 month):

  • Children at this age can play it as a plush toy ball. Parents can make the most out of playtime with their child with this ball.
  • They can facilitate learning by pointing on the alphabets, numbers or objects imprinted on the surface of the soft plush toy ball.
  • Children can also develop their fine motor coordination skill as they can learn to throw or catch the ball and also learn to flip the ball from one design to another.


Stage 2 (12-24 month):

  • Allowing them to coordinate sensory experiences with motor abilities which enhances their understanding.
  • Learn about colours, simple objects, alphabets and numbers.
  • Stimulates their cognitive development as well as strengthening their linguistic, self-esteem and logical thinking.


Stage 3 (18-30 month):

  • Children at this age are more attentive, therefore they can learn by paying attention to the talking ball.
  • Children develop more motor skills. They have the opportunity to become specialised in throwing, kicking and other physical skills while engaging in play with this fun ball.
  • Listen to the talking ball and then gradually associating names being introduced by the ball and then pointing to the object or alphabets being mentioned. This helps children to improve their visual and hand coordination, enabling them to establish a link between the two coordination.


Stage 4 (24-36 month):

  • Children this age can learn more complex things such as vowels, odd and even number.
  • This ball can help to improves family bonding as parents engage in play with their child.
  • Children’s emotional, psychological and intellectual development can be further developed.


** Please note: 2 AAA batteries are required (Batteries are not included)


What’s in the box:

1 x 2 in 1 Plushy Educational Talking Ball

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1 x 2 in 1 Plushy Educational Talking Ball